Christmas Cakes!

Do you hear sleigh bells in the distance? It's October, which means it's time to start thinking about the cold winter months and a beautifully boozy fruit cake to accompany that sherry. Bit soon?! Maybe..

But not at Nom Cakes HQ!

Now is the perfect time to get your Christmas cake orders in so that they can be made and matured ready for a christmas delivery! 

Like all Nom Cakes, my Christmas cakes can be customised to your requirements using the Pick and Mix Christmas cake order form. aLso due to the robust nature of a Christmas cake, they can even be sent in the post. Can't think of a gift for your friend from 150 miles away? Send them a Nom Christmas Cake!


Again, prices will vary slightly depending on your order. Prices are higher than a standard sponge cake due to the amount of fruit and alcohol and good stuff in them!

Below is a price for a regular fruit and brandy soaked cake with marzipan and royal or fondant icing

and some small seasonal decorations as well as my bespoke Pick and Mix Cake price. 


Head over to my Pinterest Christmas Cake page for decoration inspiration.

Please note  I do not take credit for any designs found on pinterest. They belong to the creator and I will endeavour to create my own version of that design without copying it. 

Christmas Cakes:                     

Download your Pick and Mix order form HERE

If you'd like to enquire or make an order head over to my contact page now! 

Merry Christm....... ahem, too soon Nom, too soon! 

Regular Non-Customised Christmas Cake:

12cm - Serves 6-8 - £15

15cm - Serves 12-16 - £20 

20cm - Serves 20-24 - £30

25cm - Serves 28-32 - £40  

Bespoke Pick and Mix Christmas Cake:

12cm - serves 6-8 - £20

15cm - Serves 12-16 - £25

20cm- Serves 20-24 - £35

25cm - Serves 28-32 - £45

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All cakes come on a board packaged in christmas cellophane. If it is a gift I can arrange gift wrapping, cards at an additional cost

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